April notes


Pack Meeting ideas wanted.
I want to start this email with some thoughts on our pack meetings.  As you know, there are 12 core values in Scouting.  Each month, I want to focus on one core value for the pack meeting.  My goal is to send an email at the beginning of each month with the core value so that not only can the den leaders discuss it at den meetings in preparation for the pack meeting, but parents can discuss it with their scout, so our boys can really get a good sense of the importance of these values.
The pack meetings will involve songs, activities, and yes parent participation!  We used to give beads to the boys for attendance at pack meetings and den meetings, which I would like to start again.  The boys can also earn a bead for doing something nice for someone.  Any leader can award this bead and it will be recognized at the pack meeting.
This month’s core value is Faith.
The pack meeting is April 20
The district Pinewood Derby is April 21
A blessed Easter to all.
Matt D

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