Buffalo, NY Trip Update

Ahoy Mateys!

To all of our “Buffalo Crew”… Just a couple weeks away to our trip to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park! Cub Scouts and families will tour the naval ships and submarines and participate in the overnight encampment aboard the cruiser USS Little Rock located at the park.

On Saturday October 8th, we will head up to Buffalo. I’ve attached the Naval Base sheet with information about the trip and what is planned for us. And a reminder to bring your sleeping bags/bedding and any personal toilet articles you would need (see attached). If you are interested in caravanning with us, we are planning on meeting and leaving for Buffalo at 11:45am on Saturday October 8th from the Richfield UCC parking lot. If possible, please try to have eaten lunch before you get to the church so we can get on the road without stopping for a while. We need to be in Buffalo between 4:00 and 5:00 and they would prefer to have us there at 4:00pm. With the group caravan, we can try to take breaks somewhere near the Ohio/Pennsylvania border (if needed) and the Angola rest area in New York just south of Buffalo (the parking lot is off to the side and the kids will walk over a covered walk-way that bridges the highway to a McDonalds and rest rooms that are located in the median strip). If you want to car pool, please get set before Saturday at 11:45. Families, of course, have the option of leaving on their own and just meeting our group up there at 4:15pm at the Park in Buffalo. The address of the Naval park is: One Naval Park Cove • Buffalo, NY 14202 • (716) 847-1773. http://www.buffalonavalpark.org.

We plan to meet at 4:30pm to enter the park. I will be picking up the tickets and wrist bands for our group to provide to you prior to entering the Park. A couple of you mentioned that some of the family members were visiting the Park but likely not overnight. We can plan on picking up those tickets that day. The director mentioned that there was special pricing available so that they can participate in some of the encampment visit activities. Upon arrival, the Staff Duty Officer will meet us at the entrance to the Park. Our group will be guided to the berthing compartment (bunks where you sleep on the ship). We will also enjoy a self-guided tour of the ships and one included ride in the motion simulator. We will have a hot supper that evening, and a hot breakfast the following morning.

Sunday October 9th, following our visit to the park, families are free leave and do as they please. If anyone is interested, a group of us are driving up to the American side of Niagara Falls which is about a ½ hour away. The Maid of the Mist may be one of the visits or walking down to the bottom of the falls, or whatever is determined by the group. If you plan to visit on your own and would like to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, please keep in mind that you will need a Passport Book or Passport Card to cross the border.

I will be processing some of the behind-the-scenes paperwork for our trip and I may need some information in advance.

First, I am processing the Scouting Tour Plan for our trip. For Scouting events outside of our Great Trail Council, a Tour permit is required and this provides secondary insurance coverage should there be an accident. For families driving their own children, I do not need further information for the permit at that point. If interested, more than one family can carpool as well. For those driving a child or children that are not their own and a parent is not present, the required information I will need includes driver’s license number, vehicle information (including # of seatbelts), and auto insurance information.

If each family could please complete the parental consent form that I need for the Cub Scout attending, and return it to me when we meet (or return the completed form via scan to me). If there is a balance owed for the trip, you can mail payment by October 5th (payable to “Pack 3387”) to my attention as well.

If you’d like, please send me your cell phone numbers and I’ll compile a list to send to everyone so we can stay in touch while traveling on our trip. Also, we would like to know of your travel plans (e.g. if you are meeting us to caravan prior to Buffalo, or are interested or planning on visiting Niagara Falls either together or on your own. Let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to the trip and it should be a lot of fun!

Dennis Gentner
Pack 3387

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