Goodwill Goodturn Day

For our Pack 3387’s Goodwill Drive this Saturday October 29th, we have had a couple further questions regarding items to donate, or items that Goodwill cannot accept. I’ve included a list (& link) from Goodwill below. Again, if the Cub Scout can bring “three bags” of donated items or volunteer and help load the trailer for an hour, they will earn the Goodwill Goodturn Patch.
Most Needed Items:
Goodwill gratefully accepts donations that can be sold in their stores. The sale of donated items supports Goodwill’s mission to help people prepare for, find & retain employment.
Please Box or Bag All Donations In Liftable Amounts.
• Clothing
• Shoes
• Small furniture
• Domestics (e.g., sheets, towels)
• Antiques, collectibles, jewelry
• Books
• Household items (e.g., dishes, housewares)
• CDs, records, tapes, DVDs
• Small electronics (e.g., radios, clocks, lamps)
• Accessories (e.g., handbags, belts, scarves)
• Computers, printers and monitors*
*Goodwill has partnered with Dell to create RECONNECT, a free program for consumers and businesses to reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted computers and peripherals. Computers, printers, monitors, and more of any brand and condition are accepted. Learn more
Items Goodwill Cannot Accept:
It’s hard to say “no thank you” to a donation. However, management does reserves the right to refuse any donation. We cannot accept certain items, including but not limited to:
• Large household appliances
o Stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water heaters
• Large electronic items that do not work
o TVs, microwave ovens, copy machines
• Building materials
o Carpet, shutters, doors, windows, toilets, lumber, concrete, bricks, stones
• Mattresses and box springs with stains or tears
o Goodwill does accept these items in good condition
• Upholstered couches and chairs that are torn, soiled or otherwise damaged
• Magazines and newspapers
• Televisions as follows:
o Older than 10 years old
o Large-console TVs & stereos
o Non-cable-ready TVs
o Broken/damaged TVs
o Black & white TVs
• Automobile parts
• Paint or chemicals of any kind
• Kerosene and gas heaters/appliances
• Propane tanks
• Electrical items with exposed wiring
• Weapons like firearms, ammunition, knives, etc.
• Fireworks, sparklers, etc.
• Gas-powered equipment (lawn mowers, etc.)
• Baby car seats
• Children’s items containing lead or phthalates
• Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled items
• Food

Dennis Gentner
Pack 3387

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