Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Each Den meets on their own 2 or 3 times per month.  The entire Pack (grades 1 through 5) typically meets once per month.  The Pack does a fall campout, a spring campout, Day Camp in June or July, and Webelos participate in a 4 day-3 night resident camp in July or August. Dens also plan separate campouts and outdoor activities.  Dens meet while school is in session, while the Pack plans a range of outdoor activities during the summer.

The Cub Scouting program is based on parent/son participation.  It is the policy of Pack 3387 that a parent or adult family member (“Akela”) accompany the Scout on all Pack activities.  Akelas will be asked to participate in Den activities from time to time, and Akelas are required to be at all Den activities for Tiger Scouts (1st graders).  Parents will also be asked to host 1 or 2 Den meetings each year.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Pack 3387 charges $75 for registration.  The fee is paid initially upon registering with the Pack, and then annually in February.  When a Scout first registers with the Pack, they are given a Pack numbers patch, activity t-shirt, and Den book.  Annual registration also includes national BSA registration fees, subscription to Boys Life magazine, and purchase of awards/achievements.  The Scout will either need to buy a uniform or procure an “experienced” uniform through our uniform recycle program.  There is typically a small fee associated with attending major events such as the fall campout and winter lock-in.  Many of the Pack activities are funded through our annual popcorn fundraiser.

Financial assistance can be requested by completing the Financial Assistance form that can be downloaded at the  Download Forms page on our Pack web site.

Q: Are siblings of scouts allowed to attend den and pack activities?

A: Many den and pack activities outside of reguarly scheduled den meetings are family friendly and we encourage siblings to share in the experience. If you are unsure if an event is specifically for scouts or Akelas, contact your den or pack leader for clarification.

Although regular den meetings are generally geared specifically toward the scouts themselves, sometimes it is necessary for a sibling to come along. By all means bring them along in this case. We’d much rather you come than skip a meeting because of childcare arrangements.

Q: Can I bring my pet to a den or pack activity?

A: The only time a pet should be brought to a den or pack activity, is if that pet is an integral part of the den or pack activity and prior arrangements with the leaders have been made. Otherwise, please leave your pets at home.

Q: Are there electrical and plumbing hookups for RV’s at Cub Scout campouts?

A: If your Recreational Vehicle will fit in a backpack and can be carried to your campsite on your back, then by all means, bring it along.

Q: Can I bring alcohol or tobacco to an overnight campout?

A: Alcohol of any type is strictly prohibited at ANY Cub Scout sanctioned activity. Smoking is strongly discouraged, although there are specific smoking areas designated located away from the scouts and others.

Q: Are firearms allowed at a campout?

A: Unless you are a Police Officer or an active member of the Military and are authorized to carry a firearm, leave your firearms at home.

Q: Are portable electronic games such as a Nintendo DS, iPod, iPad or other electronic device allowed at pack activities?

A: Electronic handheld games should not be brought to any pack or den activity. These devices are distracting and do not belong at any Cub Scout function.

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